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リクルートスーツの女子大生やスーツ姿のOLの濡れ&汚れシーンに興味がある方が楽しめるフェチブログです。 撮影した画像を中心に公開していきます。お楽しみ下さいませ!

Put food in shoes and wear it!

Until now I have made video of wet or dirty wearing a business suit.

Among them, the video covered with "lotion, fresh cream, honey", I was interested in the scene of putting ingredients etc. in the shoes and incorporated it into the work.

In the released work we released videos that cut and collected scenes wearing ingredients etc in shoes around the end of 2016.

The video is taken around the foot of the woman who wore a business suit, of course, is wearing stockings.

We have cut it out of this video, and customers who have this video are the same, so please be careful.
Creamy-01 before, Honey-01, Honey-02, Honey-03, Slimy-09, Creamy-06

Video putting ingredients in shoes → Vol.01 feet Please see!

I wear a pump with lots of honey

Wearing plenty of cream pumps

Also, we plan to release only scenes of feet with increased videos.

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