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リクルートスーツの女子大生やスーツ姿のOLの濡れ&汚れシーンに興味がある方が楽しめるフェチブログです。 撮影した画像を中心に公開していきます。お楽しみ下さいませ!

Monthly Videos Unlimited Viewing start!

Began selling monthly video for overseas only from December 2, 2016.
You can see all the works released so far and the works to be released in the future.

The fee is 100,000 yen for the first time. It is 5000 yen a month after that.

A Japanese woman wearing a business suit is getting wet or dirty in the scene.
I recommend it to those who like such scenes, those who are interested.

Water soaked Pool-09 uw

Fresh cream Creamy-06

Covered with honey Honey-02

Especially because it is wet with water wearing business suit, and there are many scenes playing in the pool, it is highly recommended for wet fans.

Water play in the pool WaterFight-03 uw

And scenes which Japanese female models are enjoying with their cute smile are packed.

Have fun WaterFight-04

People who are interested please come!

Monthly Videos Unlimited Viewing

※ This service will not promise to release works every month.
  In Japan there are four seasons and we will not shoot from November to May,
  I think that June to October is the shooting time.
  If the number of shots decreases at that time, there will be months that can not be released.
  When it can be released, we have released three to four works for almost a month.

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