SOAKED WOMAN ~Fetish blog~ Sank in the pool, pick up the marbles!

 SOAKED WOMAN ~Fetish blog~ 

リクルートスーツの女子大生やスーツ姿のOLの濡れ&汚れシーンに興味がある方が楽しめるフェチブログです。 撮影した画像を中心に公開していきます。お楽しみ下さいませ!

Sank in the pool, pick up the marbles!

In the spray flies, wet with the jump rope and hula hoop.
Soaked with suit of new shadow stripe is playing the water!

And the water wearing two cups, water inlet throwing marbles in the pool.
You pick up the marbles diving, picking up and that scene was underwater photography.

Bangs and looked up from the water is stuck to the face, falling down a large amount of water, also wonderful expression of that time!
In addition, the second half can be plenty of appreciation also sense of sheer blouse take off your jacket.

Rise from the last water, interview in Japanese wipe with a lightly towel the body's soaked.

Contents of interview
『Soaked ...
Clothes was heavy for the first time was wet wearing a lot of clothes so.
Elementary school of disaster prevention training may be wet while dressed in.
Terrible cold and hit the wet remains cooler.
Shooting was only playing in easier than I thought.
When you wear the next suit to wear when not exposed to water.
Pool want to enter in a swimsuit.
The remains of clothing it was good because it does not sunburn.
It was very fun, thank you. 』

Sometimes show with me smile is cute model of underwater scene Pool-07 uw please visit!

Spray of water and hula hoop

Ship water

Happily submerged in the pool

Also pick up and throw marbles

Appearance is also a lot of shooting in the water

Seen through bra

Smile in an interview (Japanese)

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