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 SOAKED WOMAN ~Fetish blog~ 

リクルートスーツの女子大生やスーツ姿のOLの濡れ&汚れシーンに興味がある方が楽しめるフェチブログです。 撮影した画像を中心に公開していきます。お楽しみ下さいませ!

Slimy pour & slimy dive!

Put the lotion when quizzes and incorrect answers.
Put it in the cuffs or put it on your back, and gradually covered in lotion.

When pouring the bucket lotion slowly from the head, navy suit, pink blouses and brown hair are covered with lotion and the color becomes deep!

She poured a lot of bucket lotion on herself and became slimy in my body.
And I enjoyed immersing in the lotion bath, I went to the head!

First of all, please enjoy sanatsun Slimy-11 which is covered with a slimy lotion!

Busty slimy

Pour slime from above

Pouring slime herself

Enjoy the slimy

Pour awesome from the head

Play with lotion bath

See-through slimy blouse

Full body slimy dive in a lotion bath

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  2. Details of the work etc
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Carbonated juice play & lukewarm water play!

Happy New Year.

Thank you very much for always visiting blogs and sites and seeing the work.
Thanks to the 5th year, thank you again in 2018 for this year.

Since I released Soaking-08 yesterday, please watch it!

"After playing with carbonated juice, I entered the bathtub and dive and poured lukewarm water, the make-up became thin.

Attacked with a shower, dive and play in jacuzzi, I enjoyed it extensively in a wide bathtub.

Please look at such innocent Sanae! "

Pour cold carbonated juice

Gray suit gets wet and

Dive into the bathtub

With a cute smile

Activate a jacuzzi

The striped blouse also gets wet and transparent

Pouring luxurious lukewarm water

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  2. Details of the work etc
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I was covered with whole body honey at the report of the experience of honey esthetics !

I was covered with honey in a gray striped suit.

Honey is good for both your skin and hair and has a moisturizing effect, the model will be gladly covered with honey.

First of all honey hangs down from the legs, gray suits also dyed honey and the color darkens.

I put honey from the neck and sleeve, I put honey in my pumps and put on.

In the second half, take off the jacket and paint honey on the beautiful part of the blouse, and the blouse is also covered with honey.

Also wearing a jacket, next pouring honey from the head with a bucket and covered with whole honey!

Please excel at my first experience Honey-05!

First covered with honey from the legs

Next, pour honey on the back from the neck

Honey seeps into a gray suit

Pour honey from the head and become a honey woman

White blouse also stains in honey color

Finally pour the honey from the head with the bucket

Lie down and honey hangs from the top

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  2. Details of the work etc
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I took a swim class in a suit!

After preparatory exercise, go through the shower, pour water with a bucket, put a face on the surface of the water, get used to the water.

Eventually the navy striped suit sucks water and the color gets darker.

Then swim in the pool.
When I swim and take a look from underwater, water droplets drip from the tip of the hair and it flows through my skin and it pounding!

In the second half I take off my jacket and swim and take a shower last.
Please do not hesitate in business suits and see the sexy sanae to do swimming class!

Details of the work → Intern-12 uw

Water gradually soaked in

The teacher is in swimming class

Pour water from the head and feel sexy

In relaxing water

I swam in a suit soaked.

Taking off the jacket makes it easy to move

Fresh and fun smile is lovely

I jumped in

Showering from the head and dripping water

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  2. Details of the work etc
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Pour water from the head and become a good woman who also drips down water!

Bathe in the sprinkler, shoot with the water guns, scatter the water in the bucket and get wet.
After getting wet, I removed the jacket and confirmed the wet condition of the blouse.
Then I poured water from my head, soaked in the pool and I'm soaked whole body.
The expression when pouring water from the head is very cute.

In the second half, I take off my jacket and play with water, swimming and dripping water is sexy.
Finally I wear a heavy jacket sucking water and leave the pool.
Please see the model who will become soaked boldly!

Details of the work → WaterFight-06

Get wet with splashes

Human sprinkler

Enjoy playing with water

Wetting condition of the jacket

Business suit gets soaked in the pool

Pour water wonderfully from the head

Wet white blouse through

Bra stripes are clearly transparent

A cute girl dripping water too

Wear a heavy jacket by sucking water

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  2. Details of the work etc
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